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Your Daily Pedagogical Nugget
Excellent Source of Daily Mental Nutrients

by Dr. Margaret Dureke, JD

Order this and other inspirational titles by Dr. Dureke, available from Amazon!


Network Marketing

(Revised Edition)
How to Avoid the Damage
It Can Do to Your Life and Business


by Dr. Margaret Dureke, JD

“This is an incredible book written by one of the most dynamic and successful people I have ever met!! She has addressed all the questions that have plagued many of us who love network marketing, but dislike the reputation a few dishonest and unscrupulous individuals have given it!! If you will follow Margaret Dureke's advice, you will find that this industry can make all of your financial dreams a probability rather than a possibility!!”
 — Betty Miles, author of “The New American Dream” and the queen of Network Marketing

Available from Amazon!



by Dr. Margaret Dureke, JD

Have you ever had any issue with completing what you started or are you even scared to start because you don’t think you will be able to stay the course to complete it? If yes, this book is for you. The power of consistency is so impactful that if you dare to master these 11 fruits and apply them to your specific situations consistently, there is nothing you start that you will not finish!

Available from Amazon!



"I found the session great and energy I haven't seen before. This session was raw. It didn't hold back. It struck a nerve that most speakers do not hit. Dr. Dureke connected as though she was a family member offering guidance"
Chris, PGCC Hillman Entrepreneurs

"A very engaging book"
First Lady of Maryland, Kendel S. Ehrlich,

"I finished reading your book "How to Succeed Against All Odds" - AWESOME, I was truly blessed and inspired in a whole new dimension of my life."
Larry R. Houston, President of the Coast Guard Headquarters

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Coaching & Training

Professional, Corporate & Executive Training

Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke is an international expert in providing professional, corporate, companies and Executives with training, organizational and Time management & development, management leadership development, sensitivity and Diversity and growth solutions, and more.  To schedule Dr. Margaret Dureke for your next event click HERE.

Personal & Business Success Training

On a business level I can teach anyone how to take any idea, start, and turn it into business and succeed by simply tapping into their God-given ideas/talent/skill as someone who has successfully started many businesses and succeeded with no money to start.   Also I know how to flip my destiny and succeed after going through great adversities and bouncing back, and NOW I can teach others how to do the same even with no means in sight. I know how you can FLIP your DESTINY no matter what it holds/held. To Schedule Dr. Margaret Dureke for your next event click HERE.

Personal, Executive & Entrepreneurial Coaching

Whether you are an individual looking to start your own business and or executive needing coaching personally and or corporately, I can help you!  I have the experience and I have been in the field helping others to transcend and transform for the past 20 years.

I am qualified, equipped and prepared to help you make your ideas come alive and or transcend and transform your condition successfully personally, or corporately. The question is are you ready?  My only requirement is that you must be willing to participate in your own rescue. To Schedule Dr. Margaret Dureke for your next event click HERE

7 Things You need to KNOW & DO to Earn Promotion at Work

Customer Care & Service is an arrow head for sustaining and growing any successful organization. I present 7 arrow heads that can sustain and grow a successful organization; how to apply critical thinking to WIN at work.

Coaching & Training Topics

Click HERE to view a comprehensive list of the Coaching & Training Topics that Dr. Dureke offers to her clients. A PDF version is also available for downloading and/or printing.